How to fix Business Objects “Exception: CS, Job already in use”

Error Message: “Exception: CS, Job already in use”

The error message was received when data analyst ran a “Yearly” report

bo cs job already in use


The explanation I found. The BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence client is connecting to the server using an HTTP protocol which uses the network settings in the Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer IE6 by default set to 60 min time for send/receive timeout

Internet explorer IE7+ by default send/receive timeout set to 30 sec. Running “Yearly” report exceeded the threshold. To fix we can modify the registry manually, ReceiveTimeout DWORD value with a data value of (<number of seconds>)*1000.



Resolving DA0003 error


  1. Download registry patch fix IEFix.reg here
  2. Double click on file and “Run” to install the patch
  3. You will get a security notice about installing the update, click the required buttons to allow changes to the computer
  4. After installation complete you get a message indicating that your registry has been updated. Click the OK button to finish
  5. Restart the PC
  6. Also double check your universe’s connection parameters, and the configuration parameters (screen 3/4). Make sure you have at least the following: Pool timeout of 10 minutes, array fetch size: 10; Array bind size: 5; Login Timeout: 60 minutes.


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