Business Objects Enterprise XI R3.1

What is BusinessObjects Enterprise?

BusinessObjects Enterprise is a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution for delivering powerful, interactive reports to end users via any web application – intranet, extranet, internet or corporate portal. It’s an integrated suite for reporting, analysis, and information delivery.

BO Enterprise provides a solution for increasing end-user productivity and reducing administrative efforts.

What is BusinessObjects Enterprise XI?

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI is the business intelligence platform based on industry-standard, proven architecture and platform support for semantic layers, data integration, and security.

It supports the entire range of performance management, reporting, querying, and analysis applications. It also provides

BusinessObjects Enterprise XI provides full web-based  administration and configuration of the entire system.

The architecture is designed to meet the needs of virtually any BI deployment, and is flexible enough to grow from several users with a single tool, to tens of thousands of users with multiple tools and interfaces.

BusinessObjects Enterprise components can be installed on one or many machines to provide flexibility, reliability, and scalability.


BO Enterprise Infrastructure

The Enterprise Infrastructure is a series of services that are designed to communicate via CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture), which runs over TCP/IP.

The Enterprise Infrastructure provides the framework for establishing connections between clients and servers.


Business Objects Enterprise Architecture


BusinessObjects Enterprise Infrastructure is:

  • The centerpiece of BusinessObjects Enterprise technology
  • Facilitates communication between servers
  • Provide means of a client object make requests to server objects and server object in serving requests to client objects.

BusinessObjects Enterprise components

  1. BusinessObjects Enterprise web services
  2. BusinessObjects Enterprise management services
  3. BusinessObjects Enterprise storage services
  4. BusinessObjects Enterprise processing services
  5. Server Intelligence
  6. Life-Cycle Management
  7. Client Applications

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