What is DBA

The world of the DBA is changing.


  1. DBAs now asked to manage more systems with larger amounts of data
  2. DBAs are being asked to give more of their time to help developers to understand data models or develop data models them
  3. DBAs now involved not only in SQL Server administration part but also in developing  data transformation packages with SQL Server Integration Services SSIS, reports and dashboards with SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS

The main focus of database administrator should be on keeping all SQL servers up and running.

DBA Role attributes

  • SQL Server configuration including pre-installation decisions like capacity planning and hardware configuration, layout of the drives, schemes for replication, etc.
  • SQL Server space management with appropriate strategies to monitor and notify the server space.
  • Taking regular backups of database, monitor backup failures, skills and experience to recover databases up to the last known good state
  • Manage security and access rights
  • Maintain service pack installation
  • Monitor database performance and working on performance optimisation for the server to run and run fast


As a DBA, you must communicate effectively with clients, vendors, support team, other team members and boss. Writing effective emails, status reports, check lists, documentation, presentations and developing database diagrams is a big part of the role. You also must understand the company internals, organisation structure and main stakeholders. Also it is important to show how your work contributes to the business success.

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