SQL Saturday Melbourne

April-5th saw the first SQL Saturday in Melbourne. With more than 300 people registered and even more attended, international and local speakers and exhibitors it was really good staged and organised event for SQL Server community in Melbourne.

Here is the schedule of the event. There was a good mix of topics for all skill levels.

20 sessions on SQL Server 2014, BI, Data Warehousing, DBA, Database/Application Development and Database Administration.


Start Time

Keynote & Sponsor Sessions – Room: H.116

Track 1 – Room: H.125

Track 2 – Room: H.126

Track 3 – Room: H.235

Track 4 – Room: H.237

Track 5 – Room: H.238

08:45 AM Mike Ward

Keynote –

Level: Non-Technical

10:00 AM   Darren Gosbell

Drop your DAX

Level: Intermediate

Peter Myers

Introduction to SQL Server Data Mining

Level: Intermediate

Grant Paisley

Kick-ass Ad-hoc Cube Browser build in SSRS 2014

Level: Intermediate

Peter Ward

Hybrid Cloud Scenarios with SQL Server

Level: Intermediate

Shehap El-Nagar

T-SQL Performance Guidelines for better DB stress powers

Level: Advanced

11:30 AM   Henry Rooney

I have the data now what!

Level: Beginner

Julie Koesmarno

Building Your Myth Busting Lab With Power BI

Level: Beginner

Mohamed Kabiruddin

Agile BI with SQL Server 2014 and TFS 2013

Level: Intermediate

Matthew Winter

Introduction to SQL Server 2012 Parallel Data Warehouse

Level: Beginner

Greg Low

Why compression matters so much for SQL Server and BI

Level: Intermediate

01:15 PM   SQL Server MVPs

MVP Round Table Discussion

Level: Beginner

Peter Avenant

VARIGENCE AUSTRALIA – Build an Integrated Metadata Framework

Level: Beginner

02:15 PM   Paul te Braak

Analytical Data Mining – Using Data Mining to Understand Data

Level: Intermediate

Rod Colledge

Hour of Power BI

Level: Beginner

Warwick Rudd

Performance Eye for the SQL Guy

Level: Beginner

Konstantin Khomyakov

Data Quality Services (Deep dive)

Level: Intermediate

Rob Farley

The Incredible Shrinking Execution Plan

Level: Intermediate

03:45 PM   Rolf Tesmer

Leveraging SQL Spatial Analytics for Making Business Decisions

Level: Intermediate

Craig Bryden

Introducing Microsoft Power Query

Level: Intermediate

Victor Isakov

Understanding SQL Server 2014’s In-Memory OLTP Table Technology

Level: Intermediate

Martin Cairney

Automating Deployments with Powershell

Level: Advanced

Martin Catherall

Event notifications for the proactive DBA

Level: Intermediate



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