Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014 new features

HotLap┬áMelbourne was a great opportunity to find out what’s new in the next release of SQL Server, SQL Server 2014. It was nicely presented by Peter Ward from 2 major topics were covered Database Engine Improvements & Power BI.


Key notes summary

SQL Server 2014 Benefits

Achieved through

SQL Server 2014 Features

Mission Critical Performance (getting high reliability as well as being fast
  • In-Memory Built-In for OLTP, DW, In memory analytics
  • Enhanced Security & Scalability
  • High Availability using AlwaysOn
  • Live support for mission critical solutions
  • Memory Optimised tables & Indexes
  • Compiling TSQL to dll
  • ColumnStore Indexes Clustered and Updateable
  • Buffer poll extension using SSD drives
  • Managing locks priority for online operations when rebuild index or switching table partitions
  • Enhancements to AlwaysOn, readable secondary replicas (up to 8)
  • New security roles for non sysadmin DBA
  • I/O Resource Governor
Platform for Hybrid Cloud (reduced cost per compute)


  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • On-ramp to cloud
  • Complete & consistent platform
  • Cloud backup manual/auto with point in time restore
  • Cloud DR easy deploy and recovery
  • Cloud bursting – Ease to migrate and run SQL server in the cloud
  • Migration Wizards to Windows Azure VM
Faster Insight from Any Data (consume it from anywhere)


  • Easy data access
  • Familiar tools
  • Complete BI platform
  • Ability to combine external/internal/unstructured data
  • Excel/Office 365 enhancements
  • BI models spanning cloud/on-premises


Power BI explained


SQL Server Power BI


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