Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014

SQL Server 2014 was announced during Mcrosoft TechEd 2013 North America keynote.

The biggest selling points were

  • In-Memory capabilities built into the core database for OLTP and data warehousing. “Memory-optimized” tables are completely in memory and they don’t use pages for storage.
  • Increase performance by extending SQL Server in-memory buffer pool to SSDs
  • Hybrid Cloud Platform where cloud can be leveraged to extend the scalability and availability of on-premises database applications as well as reduce costs
  • Backup to Azure Storage and AlwaysOn integration with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services
  • BI Insights which simplifies access to internal or external data, analysing the data and unlocking it with powerful BI tools built into Excel and SharePoint.

It’s good to see SQL2014 is not for cloud only release. It brings new features and improvements for developers, administrators and power users. SQL Server 2014 will likely arrive early next year.


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Read more about the new features of the SQL Server 2014:

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